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2019 Spring / Regular Season Inter-league

Inter-league Schedules, Rules, Field Locations are listed in the links below:

Below you will find links to the Schedules for our Spring / Regular Season Inter-league Play.

If you are looking for schedules that do not involve more than one league, please ask your league for that information.

Schedules will be up-dated as they arrive from their divisions. All changes must go through the Reps or Jimmie.

Please call the Division Rep (see below) or email Jimmie L. Timms if you have any further questions at cad27da@att.net


Matt Crew - Majors and Below (310) 213-6484 or Click to email
David Ramirez - 50/70 & Junior League Baseball (310) 704-0869 or Click to email
Nola Timms - Senior League Baseball (310) 897-0700 or Click to email


 Bats for 2019

Rule 1.10 (pg. 67)

Minors & Majors Intermediate (50/70) & Juniors
Maximum length of bat:  33 Maximum length of bat:  34
Maximum diameter of bat:  2 Maximum diameter of bat:  2
Non-wood bats MUST have USA Baseball logo


Non-wood bats MUST have USA Baseball logo or BBCOR



Solid wooded barrel bats do not require a label Solid wooded barrel bats do not require a label


Regular Season

Rule & Penalty

All Star Tournament

Rule with Penalty


Rule 6.06 (d) (pg. 98)

Click Here


Tournament Rules 3 b. (pg. 135)

Click Here

Penalty a lot more severe






2019 Applications

ALL Teams traveling outside of your league is required to fill-out the Team Application below.

It must be approved by the District Administrator prior to playing games


Please fill-out the application as much as you can.  This will be used to match up league that are using same ages.

All 2019 Team Application are to be email to cad27da@att.net.

2019 Team Application  picture of excel icon

2019 Age Chart for Spring / Regular Season 


Email us if you cannot open the team application or give me a call at 310-897-0701

Make sure you don't miss out on the games.  Check the site regularly for schedule changes.

Schedules and Rules


Click Level Below that applies to you



Ages: 9-10-11



Ages: 10-11-12




Ages: 11-12-13



Ages: 12-13-14



Ages: 13-14-15-16







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