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2019 TAD











































































Training and Development (TAD), also known as Winter Ball and Fall Ball, is a great opportunity for players to increase their skills.  The players will be placed on a team where they 'play at the next level'.  This will help the kids to be ready for the Spring Season.  TAD is not competitive and the coaches are encouraged to be on the field with the players (to Train).  TAD is also a great way for someone to try Little League to see if they like it.

Schedules will be up-dated on a regular basis, So keep checking for updates. 

Please call (see below) or email District 27 if you have any further questions. 


Jimmie L. Timms - District Administrator - (310) 897-0701 or email

Nola Timms - Assistant District Administrator - (310) 897-0700 or email



Your regular season charter & insurance will continue for the TAD season.  If you will be participating in  a level of play for TAD that you did not have during the spring season, your league will need to add it to their charter.  Please contact Nola for more information.  Regular season boundaries apply.  If your league isn't offering TAD contact the following:  Nola Timms - Assistant District Administrator - (310) 897-0700 or email

2017 Training and Development


Please fill-out the application as much as you can.  This will be used to match up league that are using same ages.

2016 Team Application  picture of excel icon


All players ages will be determined by using the 2019 Age Chart which is provide below.


2019 Age Chart for TAD  


Email us if you cannot open the team application or give me a call at 310-897-0701

Make sure you don't miss out on the games.  Check the site regularly for schedule changes.


Schedules & Rules

Schedules have been updated through 11/22/15.


Click on Schedule or Rules that applies to your level

Thank You for working with me

6yr & Under 8yr & Under 10yr & Under 12yr & Under
Schedule Rules Schedule Rules Schedule Rules Schedule Rules
as of as of as of as of as of as of Check 50-70 as of
11/20/14 9/14/14 11-19-15 9/14/14 11-20-15 9/14/14 11-19-15 9/14/14
Intermediate (50-70) Junior Senior  
Schedule Rules Schedule Rules        
as of as of as of as of        
11-19-15 9/14/14 11-19-15 9/14/14        




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